Project Objectives

AGROFFICIENCY’s Overall Objective is to enhance support offered to established and newly established SMEs of the CB agrofood sector, by creating a One-Stop-Shop business support center (BSC) that will work in an incubator-like model for the newly established and potential SMEs. BSC is going to provide the necessary training, mentoring, one-to-one consulting and networking during the project’s implementation, giving the means and opportunity to local agri-food SMEs to develop their business tools, generate new ideas, and equip them with all the necessary know-how, properly manage, communicate and plan their operations, while creating a competitive advantage that will make them more enticing to investors. Moreover, the BSC will educate them on cost efficiency strategies and methodologies and promote the integration of Circular Economy and Contemporary Logistics in their operations. The BSC intends to follow a cooperation based approach by acting as a bridge between the 2 countries and promoting innovation in the agrifood sector and its wider value chain, by promoting the value of information exchange and stimulate collaboration and synergies between the end-users of the 2 countries.

The main project outputs are Training Sessions and Workshops, Targeted consulting of SMEs about existing Green Labeling Schemes (GLS) and Circular Economy (CE) best practices, an E-Support Platform and Hybrid Networking & innovation forums for Agrofood Sector Stakeholder. Its innovative character lies in the fact that it aims to offer a holistic set of services that will be complementary and offer a cohesive end result, which is the direct support of newly established SMEs. Its focus on businesses operating in the agri-food chain and its wider ecosystem contributes to its innovative side. Last but not least, the holistic character of the whole venture will create added value to the CB sectors of Agri-food, RES and Logistics.